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E-Commerce - E-Banking Risks Elective Modules
by Government Research FFIEC

Fundamental Risks in E-Banking

...[ Read More ]

Booklet: Outsourcing Technology Services Elective Modules
by IAPM Governmental Research

The responsibility for properly overseeing outsourced relationships lies with the institution's board of directors and senior management. Although the technology needed to support business objectives is often a critical factor in deciding to outsource, managing such relationships is more than just a technology issue; it is an enterprise-wide corporate management issue. ...[ Read More ]

Recommendations for Project Management Departments Project Management
by Governmental Internal Study

The study findings provide the following recommendations for the new process and strongly support the idea that they should be implemented as a package. Together  they provide the elements of a reformed project management process. ...[ Read More ]

Organizational Needs Analysis Project Management
by Project Management Research

Connecting your project with the organization's role will help you acquire and maintain the necessary support for implementing and sustaining the results of the project. You will need the commitment of decision makers who allocate personnel, material, and financial resources to projects. ...[ Read More ]

Project Management Plan Checklist: Project Management
by Project Management Research Team

How have the following factors been considered during the preparation of the Project Management Plan? Compare the Project Management Plan with the organizational guidance and identify critical issues and risks for the following sections: ...[ Read More ]

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